Prof. Híveš

NATO projekt

Experts of society coordinate or cooperate on following research projects:

Decontamination of chemical warfare agents by environmentally-friendly oxidants iron(IV) and iron(VI)

NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme

Prof. Híveš

EU Project

Centre for Materials,  Coatings and Systems for Applications and Chemical processes under extreme conditions

ITMS: 26240120007

M.Sc. Halama

Bilateral project with Austria

CARPREDICOR: Active corrosion management in automotive industry

Stanovenie koróznej aktivity bimetalických povlakov spriahnutím ANN s ENM

APVV SK-AT-0013-08

M.Sc. Halama

National projekt

Nanotechnology safety: Degradation properties of metallic nanopaticles in biomedical applications

VEGA 01/0324/10


domestic and international


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surface treatment - corrosion - electrochemistry - galvanizing

Slovak Society for Surface Treatment

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt HardChromium

Prof. Híveš

EU-SMEs projekt

HardAlt: New generation of protective coatings alternative to hard chrome